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At unleashr we work together every day because we would like to help you solve three key problems you may struggle with in your professional life:

  • making an impact and keeping the good things coming
  • having constant access to an energising and inspiring environment which helps you succeed and values your accomplishments
  • increasing your individual change capability, so you can stand tall or stand back up after a difficult period in your life.

Whether you are a professional in a corporate environment, a digital nomad on your way to career growth, an entrepreneur, or between, in this innovative & unique life-transformation consultancy, we are here to provide you with guidance and tools, so you see how much further and higher you can go.
We understand that your progress & success depend on so much more than your professional abilities, so we teach you to create your own personal secret formula.

UnleashR was established due to our awareness of the challenges women face in business, and because we are sensitive to this plight we develop our products and services with a proper & extensive understanding of the limitations we are aiming to break. Our services and programs are developed to help you achieve a genuine and complete transformation of your professional and personal life.
Our team of experts have been trained to focus on the most crucial elements of behaviour; and this enables you to achieve long-term results in a shorter period.

Our aim is to ingrain success encouraging attributes so deeply that they become a part of your everyday life. That it becomes your natural instinct when you make business or professional decisions and this way you will truly transform your life and maintain better results.



Ariana Mara

Ariana founded unleashr with the aim to help people not only understand but benefit from the changes in their professional environment. The unleashr team works on methods that enable more and more women to transform their professional & private life; to rise from their ashes.

She truly believes that there is no impossible, and we can achieve anything with the right mindset, tools and invested time & effort. With more than 20 years experience in changing behaviours, as a certified coach and mediator, Ariana has a committed &  knowledgeable team by her side. She has been building a different kind of consultancy, and a highly effective self-growth framework; amalgamating social science, behavioural change management and mindfulness practices.

“Our purpose is to share the wonder of life-transformation with our clients. We know they can achieve what they set out for themselves even if they don’t believe it in the beginning. The unleashr team works every day to develop practical tools and easy to follow methods our clients can apply, so they experience that changing habits can be as easy as if it happened magically. Yet they will know they created their own magic, with our help.”



Veronika – Psychologist, Life-Transformation

Working closely with Ariana, Veronika is utilising her knowledge to develop our courses and self-growth programmes aligned to our “alchemist” transformational framework.

As a certified psychologist, graduated in psychology with interpersonal and intercultural specialization, Veronika previously worked with children and their families to provide support and help positive changes in their life.

As a member of our product development team, she is responsible not only to understand our clients’ needs but to create innovative and inspiring tools which help their skills development and live a more fulfilling life.

She feels, it is a privilege to be able to help others transform their lives and inspire them to reach their full potential by using her understanding of human behaviour. She tends to focus on personal development; and believes in the positive impact it has on our lives and on the society we live in.

Veronika believes learning new things is essential to be up-to-date and professionally efficient. She enjoys travelling and open to new experiences


Viola – Psychologist, Life-Transformation

Viola, as an external member of the team, develops various programmes for unleashr. Currently, she is working on a stress management programme.

She believes that efficient and long-term life-transformation requires knowledge as well as experience, and develops such toolkits and self-development methods for UnleashR, which enable our clients to quickly adopt every step in their life, as they progress with the programme.

Viola is a certified psychologist, graduated in psychology with mental health specialization and committed to the continuous professional growth so she can support clients in achieving a wholesome and balanced life.

Besides her external consultant work, she helps children and families to find new aspects and solutions to get through difficulties and be able to achieve behaviour development. Viola inspires clients to discover their personal and professional possibilities.  She believes self-knowledge is required for stepping out of one’s comfort zone so new doors may open.

Her slogan is that the key to change can be found in ourselves.



Hajnalka – Content Management

Working in the client engagement team, together with Ariana and Greg, Hajnalka plans and develops our revenue generation processes, which helps our clients understand how they can unlock their potential and tap into their capabilities by using the methodologies and solutions unleashr has to offer.

With many years of experience in developing young individuals’ knowledge and personality, Hajnalka decided to broaden her horizons and utilise her expertise for the benefit of working professionals. In her role, she makes sure she is continuously performing research for relevant sources to find the most efficient solutions for us so we can serve our client more effectively.

She is engaged in life-long learning and believes that keeping her knowledge up-to-date about our clients’ needs help us better serve our clients.

She loves collecting adventurous experiences through travelling to foreign countries.


Greg– Client Value Creation 

Working together with Ariana and Hajnalka, Greg is making sure our clients have a smooth user experience and remain engaged in the content and programmes we create. To Greg, excellent service is delivering work on time and creating value for our clients.

He is a creative and passionate digital marketing professional with a solid understanding of graphic and web design processes; providing support to us and to other clients, too. He is constantly looking for new techniques to provide the best solutions. Self-development is a big part of his life.

Greg is spending most of his spare time with his lovely wife who is a huge supporter of his work. In his free time, you will find him in the local gym where he rewinds, rejuvenates and prepares his mind for the next challenge.
Greg believes that there is no more valuable thing than time. Time is Life which we all should spend how we want to and should not waste because we never get it back!



Viktor – Videographer

Viktor is a seasoned artist in film-making and has been working in the film industry for 23 years; contributing to European award-winning projects, too.  He started his career as a production manager, have grown to be a director of photography and has been working as a producer during thelast couple of years.

While collaborating with professionally committed documentary directors, he also became involved in voluntary activities and attended a mission in Ghana, where he helped build a cultural centre.


Nora – Graphic Designer

Nora is an experienced graphic designer for businesses and book publishing. Over the last five years, her design studio has specialised in supporting the marketing efforts of startup companies and small businesses. Nora has been working with business owners to support the definition of their business brand and the way how they communicate their mission on the internet, by designing logos, delivering graphic design, layouts and printed materials. She is devoted to working on children’s books illustrations.

Nora, a proud mom of four children, researches various natural healing methods and believes that a healthy balance of the mind, body and soul is an essential element of happiness.

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