How to keep a supportive friendship alive

Are you tired of your old pal ignoring you when you need her most? Do you feel that your friendship is failing because your buddy is not helpful to you?

Let’s be honest; it is quite saddening to have a friendship that’s on the rocks. It could be that your pal has made some new friends or going through a rough patch in his or her life. Nonetheless, the essence of being friends is for you to be able to help each other. You need someone who is supportive, non-judgmental, engaging and able to help you feel at ease.

That said, if things aren’t all rosy with your friend, there are some strategies you can use to help him or her to be more helpful. Read on to learn how.

Spruce up your usual conversation

Perhaps your friend is ignoring you because the relationship has become a little mundane. So, shake things up when it comes to conversation. Look for interesting and fresh topics to bring up in discussion with your friend. If you always talk about video games, for instance, maybe it’s high-time to switch onto career, relationships and whatnot. It also pays to keep a little mystery in your topics. That would most certainly keep your friend engrossed in the conversation. This way, you can enhance your pal’s listening tendencies towards you so that the next time you bring up a problem, it will not fall on a deaf ear.

Simply help her or him out when in need

Most vibrant friendships are all about tit-for-tat. If your pal isn’t listening to your issues or not helping out much, maybe it’s because you are not helpful yourself. Create a sense of family or community with your friend. Being able to assist your pal forges a relationship based on the feeling of giving and taking, not just taking all the time. Be supportive and always make him or she feel at ease.

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Supportive relationships are enablers to a more successful life

While we all desire friends and benefit from their advice, we may not fully understand how important supportive relationships are in our lives.

People with a supportive network are likely to worry less and to be less prone to failing in their endeavours.

A supportive friend or partner will make you feel accepted for who you are, comfortable sharing your success, concerns or uncertainties, and find the emotional relief when you need it to be able to move on.

Where relationships are concerned, it is the quality, not the quantity that matters.

From your early school years through your professional life, some relationships will prove to be valuable in the long term; others may disappear. A valuable relationship is not necessarily the one that brings you short term benefits, even though it may bring some; but the one, which you feel is in-sync with your life progression at any point in time.

You may realise that your BFF who has been encouraging you since you met in high school is no longer enthusiastic about your promotion or success. She is still your friend; you care for her, she cares for you, may even give you good advice on men and intimate relationships, but may not inspire you in your professional life anymore.

Sometimes we forget that friendships are formed by two different individuals who while deeply care for each other while living their lives and fighting their battles.

Remember helpful relationships come in various shapes and sizes. Keep your eyes open. Listen to the information you receive and be open to the individuals who give you the information. It may be a piece of advice or simply an observation in the environment you are working in, but if you listen, you will be able to put the pieces of the puzzle together and benefit from the information you received. Eventually, you may even realise that the person who helped you out is someone you connect with.

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5 Signs your friend is not helping your progress

We all have heard of toxic relationships; perhaps you’re more familiar with that couple who fight all the time. But, did you know a friendship can become toxic too? That’s right; we can all become victims of failing friendships. The thing is that most of us are afraid to admit that a friendship has run its course.

If you are looking to ditch a toxic friendship, here are five surefire signs that your friend is an enemy to your progress.

You initiate most of the contact

You don’t need a calculator to know that a friend is not helpful if you have to initiate contact most, if not, all the time. Best believe it; who texted, chatted or called first is a good barometer for a progressive friend? That is why it comes as no big surprise that one person is more invested than the other in most failing relationships.

If you want to know for sure, start off by taking a small step back to see what your friend will do. Any good friend worth having will most certainly notice your silence.

Your friend leaves you feeling drained

Someone who is poised to help you progress should always leave your energetic, reinvigorated, and ready to face life challenges head-on. The best way to gauge this is to make a mental note of how you feel in your friend’s company and how you feel once you’ve gone on separate ways.

Do you feel that all your internal energy has been depleted?

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