Believe in Yourself

Have you ever set out to achieve something, big or small, and you hear a voice in your head telling you how terribly you will fail? Or do you sometimes think you are not good enough and you simply cannot do it? Many people have had an experience with this voice. It is self-doubt. This… Read More

3 Things That Might Hold You Back

Looking at successful people around you may make you wonder whether you are on the right track.
However if you spend too much time pondering over your past failures it may paralyse you.
Find out three ways how you can increase your self-confidence. Read More

What does it take to be confident?

That may seem like an ambiguous question, but it is, in fact, the very essence of what confidence is all about. If we take the words self-confidence or self-acceptance or self-assuredness, the common denominator is self. How you feel about yourself is key to building a good self-attitude. Much like a manager who will try… Read More