Believe in Yourself

Have you ever set out to achieve something, big or small, and you hear a voice in your head telling you how terribly you will fail? Or do you sometimes think you are not good enough and you simply cannot do it? Many people have had an experience with this voice. It is self-doubt. This… Read More

3 Things That Might Hold You Back

Looking at successful people around you may make you wonder whether you are on the right track.
However if you spend too much time pondering over your past failures it may paralyse you.
Find out three ways how you can increase your self-confidence. Read More

Understand INTJ, INTP, INFJ and INFP personalities

To be successful, you must do your utmost to develop an understanding of other people’s personalities. The different personalities that you encounter daily, shapes the way you work or approach tasks, your relationships with your workmates, your career choice, colleagues and friends, as well as your capacity to expose and showcase your skills and capabilities.… Read More

How understanding ISTJ, ISTP, ISFJ and ISFP personalities can help you be successful

Regardless of your definition of success – financial, spiritual, philanthropic or familial – achieving success is important, not only because it is your responsibility, but your duty as well. A variety of things determine how successful you are; your level of education, your career choice, the organization you work for, your skills, your capacity to… Read More

How different personality types can help you be more successful

Well, aren’t we all curious to know the mystery behind our personality types? In fact, I am fairly confident that you have taken a personality test in the past, perhaps more than once. The Myers− Briggs Test (MBTI), first published in 1943, is all the rage right now. Whether you took it out of curiosity… Read More

How understanding ENTJ, ENTP, ENFJ and ENFP personalities can help you be successful

Success is vital for the well− being of the individual and the community because it supplies a sense of security, confidence and capacity to contribute to the society at a greater level. Without hope of success, a person would cease to exist as they would have no purpose for continue on. Part of being successful… Read More

How to keep a supportive friendship alive

Are you tired of your old pal ignoring you when you need her most? Do you feel that your friendship is failing because your buddy is not helpful to you? Let’s be honest; it is quite saddening to have a friendship that’s on the rocks. It could be that your pal has made some new… Read More

Supportive relationships are enablers to a more successful life

While we all desire friends and benefit from their advice, we may not fully understand how important supportive relationships are in our lives. People with a supportive network are likely to worry less and to be less prone to failing in their endeavours. A supportive friend or partner will make you feel accepted for who… Read More

5 Signs your friend is not helping your progress

We all have heard of toxic relationships; perhaps you’re more familiar with that couple who fight all the time. But, did you know a friendship can become toxic too? That’s right; we can all become victims of failing friendships. The thing is that most of us are afraid to admit that a friendship has run… Read More

How to set goals you can achieve

Various sources, methods and even apps are available to support you if you decide to set goals for yourself. Many of us set new goals in January each year and we all try to do our best to achieve those goals. Somewhere along the way, after a couple of weeks or months these goals seem… Read More