I may be possessed

Today, I woke up with many new ideas on my mind. Have just opened my eyes and instantly reached out for my phone to quickly make notes of all those brilliant 😉 ideas.

I love ideas, I love the feeling how they appear, seemingly out of nowhere. It is astonishing how they conquer the mind and fight for their own existence and survival. They demand attention and make me spend time on digging deeper, understanding them better, evaluating them, so I can finally decide which one is worthy of more time and effort spent on it.

In the last couple of months, I find myself in this state, again and again.
Starting our new websites and developing our new service lines are exciting and a bit spine-chilling at the same time.

Well, hello real life, and it is getting real all right.

Searching for new colleagues to build a team which will focus on finding out what’s best for the people who are searching for answers. “Partners in crime” who have other people in the focus of their attention and can put themselves in other people’s shoes.

Such a challenge, in a world, where what I see around me is people pushing themselves forward, trying to sell themselves to almost anybody who listens, believing that is the holy grail of forwarding a career.
Imagine me now smiling and licking my lips before I prepare to change the game.