5 Signs your friend is not helping your progress

We all have heard of toxic relationships; perhaps you’re more familiar with that couple who fight all the time. But, did you know a friendship can become toxic too? That’s right; we can all become victims of failing friendships. The thing is that most of us are afraid to admit that a friendship has run its course.

If you are looking to ditch a toxic friendship, here are five surefire signs that your friend is an enemy to your progress.

You initiate most of the contact

You don’t need a calculator to know that a friend is not helpful if you have to initiate contact most, if not, all the time. Best believe it; who texted, chatted or called first is a good barometer for a progressive friend? That is why it comes as no big surprise that one person is more invested than the other in most failing relationships.

If you want to know for sure, start off by taking a small step back to see what your friend will do. Any good friend worth having will most certainly notice your silence.

Your friend leaves you feeling drained

Someone who is poised to help you progress should always leave your energetic, reinvigorated, and ready to face life challenges head-on. The best way to gauge this is to make a mental note of how you feel in your friend’s company and how you feel once you’ve gone on separate ways.

Do you feel that all your internal energy has been depleted?

If so, you need to re-examine your friendship because you’re definitely in a toxic friendship. That is someone who is holding you back from achieving your full potential. The trick is to stick with supportive pals who keep you cheerful when you are together, and you’ve parted ways.

Your Friend doesn’t add value to your life

They say great friendship is good for your immune system, but the vice-versa is also true. If you cringe even at the thought of meeting your friend, then it’s high time to cut the cord. That’s right; if you don’t feel at ease – there’s no fun left – you have to break up. Again, friendship should not be detracting; it should keep balance in your life.

He or she doesn’t support your life aspirations or goals

We all have ambition – and it’s a good thing. So, if your friend is critical of your ambitions, the friendship isn’t going to help you make any progress.

Does your friend make you feel guilty when you pursue your dreams?

A supportive friend always desires the best for you and would never sabotage your dreams and hopes.

He or she is hard to find

Non-judgmental, supportive, good listener, easy to find, and engaging – what do they have in common. That’s right; a great friend is easy to pin down especially during a crisis. If he or she constantly puts off meeting you, then you have to call it quits.


A good friend is someone who adds a fair of energy and value to your life. That’s why you need to cut off friends that display any of the signs above.