chasing grapes – the first bit

Building and developing a company sounds fabulous and trendy, isn’t it? I hear stories of people being successful entrepreneurs every day. My Facebook feed is full of success stories. It may seem like they have become successful in a day or two. Maybe not. At least the successful business owners I know, have been working hard for years to get where they are. I know I have been. Anyone telling me success is all about talent and a little luck well … failed to grab my attention, not that it is a big deal, there are enough people out there believing in it.
Sometimes we forget that businesses work because there are people who are eager to help others and there are people out there looking for solutions. Any bright talent will fail if there is no one out there searching for what our bright one has to offer. Not to mention that being bright is just part of the equation. Offering a valuable solution can be done in many ways, and you find different needs where ever you go.

unleashr is the third company I am growing, and I learnt something new every day during the last 22 years.

Why start blogging about it now? In the hope that what I share here, will be as valuable as the articles, videos and programs we offer.

Through this blog, you can see the challenges we face, decisions we have to make, considerations we take, and the way we manage our business. In no way I believe or say, this is how you should do it. God, no. Maybe tomorrow I meet you at an event or a party, and I learn something new from you that will change my ways.

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