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At unleashr we work together every day because we would like to help you solve three key problems you may struggle with in your professional life:

  • making an impact and keeping the good things coming
  • having constant access to an energising and inspiring environment which helps you succeed and values your accomplishments
  • increasing your individual change capability, so you can stand tall or stand back up after a difficult period in your life.
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How do women do business?

Today, I can proudly say, that damn right I put more emotion and passion in business. Just differently. Business; small business or large multinational businesses are built on passion; the passion of the founder and the passion and dedication of the people in that business. How else would you deliver something better every single day?

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every day uplifting

The psychology of positive thinking

Researchers found that daily experiences of positive emotions, in fact, enable the build-up of useful resources and skills, while negative experiences may even paralyse the individual.
With a positive mindset, you approach difficulties with a higher level of confidence; in other words, you trust your ability to face the challenges that come your way successfully.

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be a problem solver

The power of now and how you can harness it

If you catch yourself dipping in your perceived past failures or getting lost in the ‘what if this or that happens tomorrow’ labyrinth, you have already lost your connection to the present; you stopped being in the now.
You create illusions for yourself and make yourself believe those illusions are real.
How can one accomplish being in the now? I have a couple of tips for you.

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build your self-esteem

How do people drag you down?

People in your environment can drag you down in many ways. You may remember your mom telling you that your friend was trouble and you should have known better than hanging out with him or her.
Truth to be told, being with friends who always look for and find trouble is not the only way to be dragged down.

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create your life strategy

Ways how self-awareness helps your career progress

Regardless of the industry, you are working in, or your professional field, no work can be done alone without the support of and contribution from others. To get that, you need to have social skills and the foundation of all success in any social environment is self-awareness.

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every day uplifting

Is glass-half-full way of thinking hardwired in us?

I read an article a couple of years ago about research that found biological evidence which proved there are negative and positive people in the world.
As much as I find the results of this research interesting, I still like to think that I have a choice. Even though some people might find it more difficult to view certain situations in a favourable light, adopting a positive attitude is possible.

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what our clients

Coaching was not for me; this is what I believed when I met Ariana during a conference many years ago. We were talking about how people handle changes.
Finance Manager in a manufacturing company
My team and I attended a leadership coaching workshop with Ariana to work out a couple of performance issues we experienced during the business year.
Operations Manager in a multinational corporation
Coaching was not for me; this is what I believed when I met Ariana during a conference many years ago. We were talking about how people handle changes.
HR Manager in an international company
Ariana’s advice helped me turn a negative team member into the lead of the most successful outbound sales team. Her innovative methods challenged.
Sales Manager in an international company